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ArrancarYoruichi - Chapter 28
`Yoruichi awoke the next morning. She actually slept well that night, something which seemed like a rare occurance these days. It was usually the case that she worried of her children's safety or of her own; she worried of who might discover Starrk still being alive or what the shinigami might do if they discovered her house in the world of the living. However, now that they resided in Hueco Mundo it was as though she was getting a second chance to start over and make a new life for herself and her family.
Starrk awoke next to her and half-smiled at her, leaning over to place a soft kiss upon her cheek, "Morning."
She smiled softly back at him, "Morning."
"So...what's on the agenda for today?"
She shrugged her shoulders lightly as she sat in bed, "I don't really have anything planned. How about you? Any sights you want to see now that you're...back home?"
He shook his head, "Nah. I'm here with you. That's all I could ever ask for."
He leaned in slowly for a proper morning kiss but was
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Broken Mage 3 Revised
The men were slung over each of the woman's horses. The beautiful steeds bay coats shimmered in the sun's light. The horses galloped at a quick pace as they headed toward the grandiose palace of Sycro.
Zara sighed, groaning as each time the hooves touched the earth his body seemed to bounce and be jostled, "Did we have to be tied up this soon? Couldn't we have waited until we were a little closer to the palace?"
Naudia shook her head slowly, "No. They have guards hidden everywhere. We can't take the chance that they see us all traveling together. That would ruin everything."
"Wait a second..." Zara began, "...if they have all these guards hidden around wouldn't they see us trying to stop the messenger going to the palace?"
"Well normally on weekdays they don't send them out here on this short stretch but I didn't want to take any chances. We only have one shot at this."
Zara sighed once again, "I guess it's better to be safe, then."
Naudia glanced down at him before returning her gaze
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Feeling rusty by GFanatic Feeling rusty :icongfanatic:GFanatic 0 0
Arrancar Yoruichi 27
Kaoru arrived back at the house with Yoruichi in tow. This house was a refreshing sight for him. It had been many years since he'd set foot in or even got sight of the home he was raised in as a child. He was also Yoruichi's first experience with a child. He recalled how she use to tell him short, abrupt and often odd bedtime stories in the beginning.
He set her down gently onto the front steps, "What are you going to do now?"
"I...don't know. I can't exactly stay here but.." she sprang up to her feet suddenly, "Crap!" She quickly opened the door and went inside the house. She ran from room to room, looking around.
"Mum?" he followed after her a little, the best he could. "What are you looking for?"
All the rooms seemed normal. The clothes still in the closets, beds unmade, toys upon the ground, there was even a cake on the table in the kitchen which was half-eaten, an anomaly for their household. Aside from the cake, the house seemed like nothing had changed. There was one key thing m
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Broken Mage 1 Revised
She sat in a chair near the window. The room was empty save for the chair, a desk pushed up onto the right side of the room with nothing of importance on it and a cup filled with water which seemed untouched.
She reached into the small pocket in her side, pulling out the small slip of paper. She unfolded it quickly, reading over the words. She gave a slight look of disgust in the words and soon crumpled it up within her hands and tossed it toward the wall. She gazed outside at the people walking around. What was so important, she thought. Why were they all in such a hurry? Where were they all going?
A knock came to the door, “Naudia?” the male voice spoke from outside the door before he opened it up.
The woman glanced back at him from her seated position near the window, “Is it time now?”
The soldier simply nodded. She stood up from her seat and followed him down the hallway. She had walked these hallways probably a million times but this time felt different. He
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The Only Difference Between You and Me... by GFanatic The Only Difference Between You and Me... :icongfanatic:GFanatic 1 3
Broken Mage: TotWP 8
"We should be there in a few days." Naudia spoke as they continued on their path toward the capitol.
"Not to be rude but, what are we gonna do once we get there? It's an entire empire we're going after this time." Zara asked
"Don't worry about that. My strength now will be able to deal enough damage by surprise that I'm sure we won't have much trouble against the rest."
Luz smiled, "I like seeing you like this. It reminds me of when we worked together. You were always so strong and confident."
"There's nothing keeping us back, not when we're this close."
"And not when you've got some help on your side." a man spoke stepping up behind them, "And you've got a few familiar faces with you."
Naudia and the others turned around to face the man. Naudia and Luz both spoke at the same time, "General Kio!"
"Good to see you again Naudia, and you too of course Luz."
"What are you doing here?" Luz inquired
"I'm here to provide you with a shortcut and assistance. The empire has changed lately. Shin
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Arrancar Yoruichi - Chapter 26
Yoruichi woke up slowly, her lids opening as she gazed around the room. The room was entirely empty except the bed and a chair set off in the corner. She sat up slowly, rubbing her head, "What the heck was that?" She blinked, suddenly remembering what had happened and where she was. She rushed over to the open doorway, the barrier clearly in place. She banged her fisted hands upon it, "Let me out of here!" she demanded.
One guard shook his head, "Sorry little lady. No can do."
She growled, slamming her fists onto the barrier again, "Let me out! Or I'll force my way out." She showed signs of desperation. She began to repeatedly slam her head against the barrier, the blood starting to trickle down from her forehead down her face. "I'm...getting out of here. One way or...another." She tried to use some of her powers but in this room they seemed useless.
"W-What do we do?" one guard spoke to the other.
"I don't know. We'll get hell if she dies on our watch!"
"Azalia. Let's get Azalia!" the
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1000 bat challenge by GFanatic 1000 bat challenge :icongfanatic:GFanatic 0 0
Arrancar Yoruichi - Chapter 25
Shoji walked into the living room, looking for Yoruichi. "We have a problem."
Yoruichi blinked, making her way over to him from the kitchen, "What is it?"
Shoji pulled off the small device from his belt, opening it up to reveal a small screen. He sat down with Yoruichi, showing her some of the pictures, pressing the small circular button to switch from one photo to the next.
"What is that?" Yoruichi asked as she gazed curiously at the images.
"Some pictures taken from small cameras I have around Hueco Mundo. They send the images of anything unusual back to this device."
Yoruichi looked over them, "Is that.."
Starrk nodded, looking down at the images as he leaned inbetween the two, "Yeah. No doubt about it. Shinigami. Dead shinigami at that."
"It looks like some kind of mass murder." Yoruichi said, watching as Shoji slowly scrolled through the images. "Wait a second! Go back to that last one."
Shoji blinked, "Something you saw?" He slowly started to scroll backward through the pictures.
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Dancing with the Bleach Stars by GFanatic Dancing with the Bleach Stars :icongfanatic:GFanatic 16 5
Broken Mage: TotWP 7
"It's your first mission alone, right? Are you worried?" the long black hair of the man cascaded down his toned body as he slowly stood up from sitting at the chair at his desk.
The brown-haired woman looked over at him, giving a smile as she shook her head, "Of course not. Since when have I ever been worried on a mission, Shin?" She adjusted her white robes over her shoulders, securing it in place with a silver wing clasp.
Shin walked over to her, smiling. He raised a hand to her cheek, softly caressing it in his palm, "That's what I love about you. You have such confidence in yourself, Naudia."
"You're part of the reason I can feel so confident, Shin. Without you I..."
He shook his head, "Don't even think about that. I'll always love you, I promise..."
Naudia's eyes opened slowly. She looked around, seeing the others sleeping as she sat up. "Why would I dream about that...?" She thought to herself. She moved down to the lake's surface, splashing some water onto her face as she knealt
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Too Cute For You by GFanatic Too Cute For You :icongfanatic:GFanatic 11 5
Arrancar Yoruichi - Chapter 24
The next morning, Yoruichi awoke early and took a walk along her property. She reached a rounded, rectangular stone, kneeling down in front of it and lit the long wick beside it. She closed her eyes as she clasped the flat of her palms together.
A soft, womanly voice spoke, "So, who is this person?"
Yoruichi blinked, "Who are you?"
An ebony-skinned woman with long, flowing auburn hair appeared before her, kneeling beside her in respect of whomever the stone was for, giving a slight nod in prayer before speaking, "I'm sure he's told you about me already however this is our first meeting."
"'He'? I'm not sure who you mean..."
"Shoji, of course. I am Treya, his wife."
Yoruichi's eyes widened slightly, "So you're his wife..."
Treya nodded slowly before standing, "And this person?"
Yoruichi frowned slightly, looking over the stone before looking away, "A good friend..a very good friend. He did alot for me when he was alive and he helped me alot with my powers."
"You blame yourself, don't yo
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Mortis by GFanatic Mortis :icongfanatic:GFanatic 1 0
Broken Mage: TotWP 6
After a short while traveling at sea, the ship suddenly came to a stop. Naudia and the rest of the group wondered what was going on, so slowly made their way up to the top of the ship.
"I-It's a dragon!" one of the crew members shouted before tossing down the tools he was carrying and running down the stairs toward the ship's interior.
Naudia was the first one to walk over, leaning over the boat some to look around for a better view, catching a glimpse of a tail going around the boat. She heard a roar from the sky moments later, looking up, spotting the azure dragon, "Not today you don't.." she spoke softly, looking to the others on the boat, "Get everyone inside!"
After the group started to motion everyone inside, Naudia looked up at the dragon with a narrowed gaze. She pulled the red orb from her cape, summoning the firey equine from the heavens. The hooved creature slowly spread out its wings, the beat of the dragon's wings and his overall movements seemed to slow.
"Now's our chance
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Wish there was more expression on your face. The visible arm seems a little bit awkward and you can't even see the other one almost mak...

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